Nankin Transit Questions

What is Nankin Transit?

Nankin Transit is a connector bus system that offers curb to curb service for seniors and the disabled.

Who does Nankin Transit Serve?

Seniors and the disabled that reside in the cities of  Canton, Wayne, Westland, Inkster and Garden City.

What is the area of operation for Nankin Transit?

Anywhere within the Five cities of Wayne. Westland,  Inkster, Garden City and Canton and one mile outside of the five cities for medical and work appointments.  we also service the destination point of St. Mary’s Hospital – South Entrance in Livonia .

How does a resident schedule a ride?

A resident can call (734) 729-2710. It is requested that medical appointments be scheduled two days in advance and one day for all other travel needs.

What is the cost of the service?

The fare is $3.00 one way.

How can passengers pay for the service?

Cash or SMART tickets are accepted. The rider needs exact change as our drivers cannot make change.

How many passengers can a bus hold?

Each bus can hold a total of 13 without special needs. Each bus is equipped with a wheelchair lift. Each bus can hold two wheelchairs. More can be handled if the rider is able to transition from their wheelchair to the bus seat.