Nankin Transit rules and behavior while riding the SMART Bus.

  • The maximum size buggy allowed on the bus is 13″x11.5″x20″. No Exceptions.
  • Buggies MUST be able to fit down the aisle of the bus.
  • You MUST be able to hold on to your cart while sitting and in transport.
  • You are responsible for loading your own bags and buggies on and off the bus.
  • There is a 4 bag limit and NO Cases of water.
  • Disrespectful behavior towards others, including the bus driver WILL NOT be tolerated. This includes fighting, threats of violence and verbal abuse.
  • To protect the health and well being of Nankin Transit personnel, our passengers and vehicles all passengers must maintain acceptable standards of personal hygiene. This includes that wheelchairs and walkers be free of food and debris. Failure to conform to this policy will result in probationary status and/or loss of service.

Failure to comply with these rules above may result in the termination of riding privileges.

Wheelchair Policy

All Nankin Transit buses are designed to accommodate wheelchairs as well as other mobility devices. Wheelchairs or scooters must be sized no greater than 30″ x 48″ and the combined weight of wheelchair and occupant cannot exceed 600 pounds.

Passengers must be able to independently board the bus. Once you are on the vehicle, position yourself into one of the two spaces allocated for wheelchairs. Position your wheelchair/scooter so you face the front of the vehicle. The driver will lock you into position with the Q‚ÄôStraint™ Safety system. In the case where a passenger cannot use the lap belt for medical or reasons otherwise, exceptions may be made with a passenger request at the driver’s discretion.